Syed Arefinul Haque

I am a second year PhD student in the Network Science PhD program at Northeastern University. I am working as a research assistant at the MOBS Lab. Before coming to Northeastern, I got my B.B.A in Finance from IBA, University of Dhaka and M.S. in CSE from United International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My research interest lies in the study of complex networks, human dynamics and computational social science.

I share my thoughts and ideas in my blog here.

Email: haque (dot) s (at) husky (dot) neu (dot) edu
Office: 360 Huntington Avenue, 1010-177 Boston, MA 02115


An Architecture for Client Virtualization: A Case Study (with Salekul Islam, Md. Jahidul Islam and Jean-Charles Gregoire)
Computer Networks, Available online 26 February 2016

Virtual P2P Client: Accessing P2P Applications Using Virtual Terminals (with Salekul Islam and Jean-Charles Gregoire)
Proceedings of Innovations in Services, Networks and Clouds (ICIN), pp. 142-144, France 2015.